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Property listing

Modern 4 Bedroom Twin House

  • Area: 220 m2
  • Built-up Area: 186 m2
  • Rooms: 4
  • Baths: 4
  • Location: Pantang, Accra Ghana

Project Overview

The house is meant for those who like modern, simple architectural forms. This is a storey house, with just the ground floor. The house was designed to have both day and night zone. Through the windshield, you enter into the living room lobby. The living and the dining room have the view on the garden and the pool for your relaxation. In the night zone, there are three bedrooms, with large glass surfaces, blending them into the exterior. There are also two bathrooms (one with the entrance from the master bedroom, the other from the hallway) and a closet. The built-up area of the house makes for 186 m2.

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